Information about working with the Contrast Engineering Team.

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The Contrast Internship Experience

Contrast offers a Silicon Valley like-experience from the 8th floor of the historic Natty Boh brewery in Canton, a young budding startup community on the north side of Baltimore, Maryland. Interns will feel right at home working side by side with a highly collaborative group of engineering professionals. Lunch is provided daily, as are snacks and drinks. You will get the chance to experience the fast pace of startup life.

We love to have fun as a team. We love to have fun as a team. We love to have fun as a team.

Our internship program has been highly successful over our 4 year history with members of each class getting the opportunity to move onto the team in a full-time capacity upon graduation. The internship program is divided into 3 independent 1-month efforts. We have 4 spots for the 2018 internship program. Each month of the program, an intern will be paired with a member of the engineering team as their mentor. Over the course of the internship, each intern will have (3) mentors guiding the entire experience.

2017-2018 Opportunities

Contrast Security has multiple internship opportunities for the 2017-2018 academic calendar for part-time and full-time undergraduate or graduate students pursuing a post graduate career in cyber-security, cloud-based software development and/or User Experience (Product Design). Three specific opportunities are available for candidates to work as:

UX Designer

Our User Experience team is primarily responsible for designing and directing the front-end of our applications and key workflows our customers make use of when working on our products. This team performs a variety of tasks such as front-end mock-ups and wireframes, customer research, accessibility research, A/B testing, as well as CSC/JavaScript library research.

We have multiple internship projects to work on:

Software Engineer

Our software engineering interns go through an elaborate, yet fund 3-month program with an emphasis of preparing you for a career in agile software development. Below is a breakdown of the experience month by month.

Month #1: Open Source and Integrations This past year’s interns had the opportunity to work on a purposely, vulnerable Python web application called Djangoat. The entire team worked together to build the application in agile fashion starting with a CI build pipeline, dockerizing the deployment and publishing the project to GitHub. In year’s past, our interns worked on various 3rd party plugins and integrations posted to our GitHub site.

This first month is intended to help our interns get comfortable working in a collaborative, agile development environment.

Month #2: Contrast Product/Feature Development During the mid-point of the internship, we have our interns pair with members of the engineering team to work on one or more features that will be deployed in the product. This gives the engineer the chance to build a feature used by our customers, as well as have the opportunity to work in a continuous delivery environment.

Month #3: Shark Tank Project This past summer we had the great experience of having our interns meet with members of our board of directors (our VC, our CEO and our co-founder) in a shark tank format. Each member of the intern class prepared “a pitch” in the form of a new feature, new business idea or new service. The winning shark tank project was then selected as the core project for the third month.

Security Researcher

Many of our engineers have a deep, rich experience in the field of application discovery. They have been part of research teams responsible for uncovering zero-day exploits. They have contributed extensive research to the AppSec and OWASP community about authoring secure and scalable web applications.

We have multiple internship projects to work on:

Data Science

Data science is an area of growth and opportunity at Contrast. We have only begun to scratch the surface of data exploration. We are looking for like-minded people looking to explore our sources of data for key projects and initiatives. We would love candidates with coding skills in Python, R and/or SQL. Ideal candidates will have a strong academic background as well as technical skills including MapReduce programming, statistics or machine learning.

Applying to the Internship Program

The fastest and easiest way to apply to our program is to apply online here. Attach a PDF version of your resume and a short cover letter as to which role you would like to apply. Make sure to put in the subject “Contrast Security Engineering Internship Program”. Upon receiving your resume, someone on the team will get back to you quickly.

If your school is using Handshake, you can apply via this link.

Our internship process is pretty straightforward. Every candidate interested in applying for the internship will also have to complete a project prior to an on-site or video (for those out-of-town) interview. We have several projects for candidates to consider. We recommend that most interns pick project number one.